Xtreme Climb 2

  • User Rating:
  • 8.5
  • File Category:
  • Halo 2 Vista Maps
  • Author:
  • McJix

  • Date:
  • 07/31/2007

  • File Size:
  • 3.8M


Ever wanted a non-competitive map?

File Notes

About : I'm often asked, is this map better than the 1st one? I can't really answer that, but personally, I think it is. It's more compact, and more playble for re-plays. Below is a guide:

The 1st Room: Not too hard, but jumping sideways up the thin platforms help me.

2nd Room: The last 3 verticle platforms are hard, until you learn the secret. Simply press the crouch key at the top of your jump and you'll make it. You need a little speed too, but not too much speed. You can also use others as stepping blocks if you need help.

3rd Room: The partly invisble blocks can be hard to see from certain agles, but they are there, and shouldn't be too hard.

4th Room: Those star objects can be a pain, but just jump onto the spikes to easily get past them all.

5th Room: Contains the sniper rifles, just for bragging rights. Use the grenades as fireworks to show off too. The teleporter up there leads back to start.

Recommendation : This map supports all game types, but was just designed to be played as a non-killing map.

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